8 Stunning Kitchen Tile Design Ideas For Modern Homes

By: Homeprettify

White kitchens look great with chequered designs, especially when the design is basic and has a retro feel to it.  


Choose a shade of cream or beige for the walls and complement it with an interesting accent wall to make the atmosphere cozy. 

Beige & Cream 

Upgrade your kitchen's backsplash by adding a lovely lacquered glassfor unique & classy look.  

Lacquered Glass

Add a dash of style to the kitchen is a monochrome kitchen wall tile design that comes with aztec motifs. 


Cozy beige and grey Moroccan-inspired tiles will take you to a different continent of culture.  


Dado tiles in black and white with a timeless elegance and whimsical variation are a perfect accent to any kitchen decor.  


Add some sophistically simple and unique patterns to your kitchen as well as introduce a natural tinge of freshness into your space. 

Flower Pattern  

Bring a classic stylish feel to your kitchen with chequered tiles that can never go out of style. 


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