8  Top Kitchen Colour Combinations For Your Home.

Olive Green and White

A spacious and classic aesthetic is produced by olive green cabinetry and clean white worktops.

Blue and Yellow 

Yellow backsplash set against blue cabinetry gives the impression of sunshine and the sky inside. 

Orange and White 

These vibrant and energizing color choices for kitchens work well together. 

Sage Green and Wood 

Earthy sage green combined with wooden shelving and counters creates a peaceful kitchen setting.  

Matte Mahogany Red & Off-White 

Try the color combination of matte mahogany red and off-white for sophistication and elegance. 

Brown and Wood 

Combining brown and wood tones creates a pleasant, natural, grounded, rustic kitchen. 

Black and White 

For a sleek, contemporary kitchen design, this monochromatic two-color combination of kitchen laminates is ideal. 

Purple and White:

This crashing combination gives your kitchen a unique and beautiful touch. 

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