What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror?

Th thing that likely springs to mind when you consider to write on mirror surface.

A mirror can make an excellent writing surface whether you’re writing a sweet love letter for your significant other or a reminder for a family member.

The writing techniques you employ are crucial in this situation.

Continue reading if you’ve been wondering how to write on a mirror.

The writing instruments you need to write messages on your mirror like a pro are listed below.

Reasons to Write on Your Bathroom Mirror:

Everyone occasionally needs reminders.

However, you might find it difficult to justify writing your notes on your mirror in the age of phone planners and text reminders.

There are probably better ways to leave messages than with mirrors.

Mirrors Make a Statement:

There are various ways to leave a message for someone.

You can text them, post a message on the fridge, or make a note in one of their notebooks to remind them.

This might work, but remember that it’s easy to miss these notes.

A plain white letter will blend in if your fridge is covered in coloured magnets.

A note you place on a table has the same effect.

The recipient is almost certain to see your message if you post it on the restroom mirror because the majority of us look in a bathroom mirror when we wake up.

Thus, make a note of any important information on the bathroom mirror if you or a family member needs to recall it the following day.

In this manner, you can handle any tasks you have as soon as you wake up.

The Ideal Location for a Love Note:

Remember the time you were a child and wanted to tell your crush you liked them?

Normally, you would express your thoughts by sending a small love note to the person.

Even if you might not be seven years old anymore, sending your spouse a note is still one of the cutest ways to show them how much you care.

Mirrors are useful for more than just writing love letters.

You can use them to send encouraging notes to your loved ones or to inform your roommate that there is no one else you’d rather live with.

The most Unique Interior Design Style is Writing on Mirrors:

The fact that most current interior design alternatives lack any originality is one of their main drawbacks.

To make their living space stand out, anyone can get a wonderful collection of modern art paintings or nice wallpaper.

However, did you know that most people don’t use that to decorate their homes?

The most original method to liven up your home is with a joke or motivational saying.

You could even draw some abstract art, a landscape, or some flowers if you’re very artistic.

It’s an easy way to upgrade your living area without spending a fortune on pricey improvements.

7 Tools for Writing on a Mirror:

You’re now convinced that mirror messages are a good concept, however, you must first decide which instruments to utilize before you commit to your notes.

Mirrors don’t function the same as other writing surfaces.

You won’t always get a legible message when you use a regular marker.

In fact, it might potentially irreparably harm your mirror.

So, familiarise yourself with all the writing instruments available before you start scribbling on a mirror.

1. Dry-Erase Neon Markers:

Dry-Erase Neon Markers

Do you desire a writing instrument that is easy to clean up? If so, don’t hesitate to buy some neon dry-erase markers.

The best writing tool to use on your mirror is this bad boy. Because they are comprised of resin, alcohol, and isopropanol, they adhere to reflecting surfaces with ease.

To make your mirror writing as noticeable as possible, basic packets often include five different colors.

If you want to create some mirror art, you can also get markers with various tip sizes. Your work can be more intricately detailed the smaller the tip.

The fact that the neon dry-erase markers may be entirely erased is, however, their greatest benefit.

When you’re through writing the note on the mirror, just remove the marker with a dry cloth. Your mirror is spotless and prepared for a new batch of sketches.

2. Lipstick:


You see lipstick when you picture sexy love letters scrawled on mirrors. This is not an accident. One of the easiest methods to write on a mirror is with lipstick.

They are made up of the three fundamental elements wax, oil, and pigment.

Wax has a spreadable texture that helps the color adhere to the glassy mirror surface more effectively.

The oil in the lipstick makes it easier to spread, which makes your writing clearer and easier to read.

Lipstick also simply looks good. It’s associated with kissing and passion, which is just the feeling you want to arouse in your spouse when you write a romantic note.

It does have one disadvantage, though, and that is how challenging cleanup is.

3. Sharpie Oil-Based Markers:

Sharpie Oil-Based Markers

Are you a fan of colors? If so, your mirror messages should be written with oil-based Sharpie markers.

Bright, quick-drying ink that is entirely water-resistant is abundant in these markers. Sharpie’s high contrast colors produce glossy marks that stand out brilliantly on reflecting surfaces.

Sharpies provide fine, highly visible lines that are perfect for both intricate and basic artwork. Of course, the variety of colors is the finest part.

Five traditional colors are included in the basic set. The larger eight-color box is always an option if you want to create an art project on your bathroom mirror with your entire family.

Oil-based Sharpie markers are a little difficult to wipe up after use. They’re permanent, for starters.

It will be highly challenging, if not impossible, to remove them after using them to write on paper or other porous surfaces.

However, mirrors operate somewhat differently.

Since the reflecting surface is more slippery, the marker can be removed with a damp cloth. Just a little acetone added to a cotton ball will do the trick.

4. Chalk Marker:

Chalk Marker

Commonly, writing with chalk is thought to be done on concrete or other hard surfaces. But did you know that you can use chalk markers to write on mirror as well?

These excellent writing implements leave gorgeous chalk-like streaks when used, as their name implies.

These markers don’t actually contain any chalk, despite the word “chalk” appearing in their name.

Instead, they use pigment-based ink that dries with a beautiful powdery texture.

Chalk markers are available in a variety of colors and tip sizes to meet all of your writing needs, just like sharpies and neon dry-erase markers.

They are also totally erasable, provided you use them to write on non-porous surfaces like mirrors.

5. Water-Erase Markers:

Water-Erase Markers: What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror

Neon dry-erase markers and water-erase markers share many similarities. The purpose of these bad guys is to write on non-porous surfaces like mirror.

They, therefore, leave far more colorful streaks than dry-erase markers.

A thick paste comprised of water, propylene glycol, and dye is used to make the markers. This composition is water-soluble and hypoallergenic in contrast to dry marker ink.

Water-erase markers should thus be your go-to writing tool if you, your family, or anyone in your household has allergies.

Water-erase markers are relatively simple to remove after use.

The water-erase marker may be easily removed with a moist cloth or wet paper towel, leaving your mirror blank and ready for some fresh artwork.

6. Pen with Acrylic Paint:

Pen with Acrylic Paint: What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror

Acrylic paintings have a lovely, almost surreal appearance.

Acrylic paint pens can be used to recreate that style on your bathroom mirror.

These pens, as you might have guessed, have acrylic paint inside of them. The perfect consistency of the paint has been pre-mixed.

You will always receive immaculate lines as a result. As acrylic paint doesn’t require the use of a brush or palette, you can save time on clean-up.

The only drawback of acrylic paint markers is that after they dry, they are prone to cracking and chipping.

Furthermore, since moisture causes the chalk ink to fade, whatever artwork you create with them won’t survive very long.

For your artwork to continue to look as new as it did on the first day, you’ll need to often reapply acrylic paint. Since an acrylic paint palette or brush is not required for application, you also save time on cleanup.

The only drawback of acrylic paint markers is that after they dry, they are prone to cracking and chipping.

Furthermore, since moisture causes the chalk ink to fade, whatever artwork you create with them won’t survive very long.

Therefore, to keep your artwork looking as new as it did on day one, you will need to regularly reapply the acrylics.

7. Whiteboard Markers:

Whiteboard Markers: What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror

One of the most popular writing tools for writing on big surfaces is whiteboard markers.

They work well for writing on signboards, overhead projectors, and other porous surfaces.

They are a standard in both businesses and classrooms.

Nonetheless function flawlessly on non-porous surfaces like mirrors. Three elements—colour pigment, solvent, and an oily silicone polymer—combine to form the marks.

The oily polymer aids in the marker’s quicker drying time while also preventing the pigment from sticking to surfaces.

As a result, all you need to do to get the write off the mirror is wipe it with a moist towel.

Whiteboard markers, like the other options on our list, are available in a variety of colors and tip sizes to meet all of your writing requirements.

However, because their ink recipe allegedly contains toxins, they have faced significant criticism in recent years.

Methyl isobutyl ketone, a hazardous substance that can lead to extremely severe allergic reactions, is included in some whiteboard markers.

Along with irritation of the eyes, skin, and nose, short-term use was linked to headaches, nausea, and problems with coordination.

A few whiteboard marker producers made an effort to address this issue by eliminating the ingredient from their formulation.

But if you’re still worried about their security, you should probably choose another alternative from our list.

What to Know Before Purchasing Markers for Your Mirror:

You can accomplish some mirror writing using a variety of writing tools, as was already explained.

However, because each sort of marker has unique characteristics, they will all appear differently when applied to the glass.

Consequently, it’s crucial to bear a few points in mind when making your decision.

Range of Color:

Depending on what you intend to use the markers for, the marker’s color palette may be essential.

For instance, if you want to create some lovely mirror art, you should probably purchase markers with a variety of colors.

Additionally, you should give strong pigment markers a priority so they can be seen clearly on non-porous surfaces.

It is less crucial to get markers in a wide variety of colors if all you intend to write on mirror.

Tip Size and Shape:

The tip size of a marker is the most crucial factor to take into account because it affects the type of writing you can accomplish.

For instance, thinner-tipped markers produce finer, more accurate lines. So if you want to make mirror art, they are ideal.

Water and abrasion resistance:

If you plan to draw messages on your bathroom mirror, make sure your markers are both water- and abrasion-resistant.

The humidity in restrooms is frequently excessive, even with the greatest exhaust fans.

As a result, when someone runs the water, it will be quite simple for your bathroom writing to get streaky.

So, make sure to purchase water-resistant markers when you’re buying them.

If you want to keep your mirror art from fading or breaking, pick markers that have abrasion resistance as well.


When it comes to mirror-friendly markers, the packaging isn’t necessarily the most crucial factor. However, you should surely pay attention to it if you have a limited budget.

Markers that come in fancy packaging typically have a high price tag.

Although it’s possible that higher-quality markers come in better packages, it’s not always the case.

As a result, pay attention to the markers’ properties before their packaging while purchasing markers.

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FAQ: What Can I Use to Write on a Mirror?

Q1. How can I write on glass using a pen that will wash off?

Washable or erasable markers, such as those used for dry-erase surfaces, wine glasses, or window crayons, are best for non-permanent applications.
The best markers for decorating ceramic and glass items are permanent markers.

Q2. How can you permanently write on glass?

Sharpie permanent writing pens all work on glass.
However, use Oil-Based Sharpie Paint Markers to produce a pattern that will last longer.
Glass, porcelain, wood, and a lot more surfaces can all be written on with the paints that are designed expressly for that purpose!

Q3. Does ink remain on the glass?

You can use alcohol ink to paint on a variety of surfaces, but glass is the ideal material for showcasing vibrant hues.
You see, alcohol ink works best on non-porous surfaces like plastics and glass due to its extremely quick evaporation.

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Hopefully, this article has answered your question of “what can I use to write on a mirror.”

There is no shortage of brilliant, colourful markers you may use to write on mirrors, whether you want to do some creative mirror art, leave yourself reminders, or romantic love notes for your beloved.

However, not all markers are created alike. Due to this, be sure to use the appropriate marker and get the results you were hoping for when you write in the bathroom.

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