How To Lock and Secure My Bedroom Door from The Inside?

For your privacy, protection, and peace of mind, it is extremely important to secure the door of your bedroom inside.

 To secure your privacy and safety, this can be either you are living alone, with roommates, or with family; your bedroom door has to be locked with a strong lock.

 That’s the only thing separating your home from the outer world full of unwanted guests who won’t stay on your doorstep.

As a result, people are very often made to feel vulnerable and thus exposed, because a break-in or a robbery requires no more than a forceful shove or kick.

In the paragraphs below, the cheap and simple techniques, then later on to the more durable options.

You will acquire the information needed to secure the bedroom door handy from the inside in this article.

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How To Lock and Secure My Bedroom Door from The Inside

9 Best Ways to Secure a Bedroom Door from the Inside:

1. Install Security bar:

A peculiar sort of equipment known as a security bar that is used to bolt the door from the inside is put in place.

The security bar is the most primitive which can be set up without any complicated technology in a short time.

Due to that, you don’t need a handyman to assemble it.

The best things ever are the security bars as a security measure after you have retired for the day.

To implement this security bar, you have nothing to do but install it and then you can go to your daily business until you take it off after its successful installation.

It is true that installing a bar lock to inconvenience the door from the inside is advantageous, but there are some demerits also.

To start with, security bars that provide a high degree of quality are expensive and some of them also need extra safety installations.

Besides the heavy security bar is challenging to install the bar on your windows every night.

2. Utilize door stoppers:

In some cases, complex answers are the obvious choices while others can be solved quickly by easy and simple steps.

Door stoppers can use in the situation when you want to lock your door from inside.

One of the least complicated but extremely efficient solutions is a door stopper that opens up the gap between the door and the floor and prevents it from sliding.

After you use door stoppers, close/lock your door so you can secure it, then place the door’s stop-thin side below the bottom and continue pushing until it is stopped.

This will ensure that the lock is latched if the door is forced open so they will have no chance of the door moving later.

The Door shield was designed to be used in such a way that two to three door stoppers are equally distributed across the bottom of the door for the best results.

Apart from that, it can be practiced even if one has a single door stopper.

Over the long haul of many years, such door stoppers are a cost-efficient purchase only if they are easy to use and last for decades before replacement.

3. Remove the Handle:

For instance, operate easily by the use of either a knob or handle in opening and closing.

This is critical because by fiddling with the knob, you can ensure that a door remains closed.

Door knobs and handles are two to four screws away from falling off, so there’s no need for any faint-hearted. Not even any heavy lifting or the wrench will help you.

You can remove the handle with just a few phone quivers and a suitable screwdriver.

Most commonly, you can pull out the door handle from inside.

You can insert the key into the lock and turn it counterclockwise to remove it so that it can’t be reinserted until the handle is replaced, take the handle off.

The handle is configured in a way that you can regulate how much water is flowing from the tap, which means that you can open and close it.

4. Handcrafted barricades:

You can take some drastic things to make sure that you are on the right track to keep your doors locked from the inside.

Short-term durability walls keep the door from opening are one way of assuring that it is closed.

This goal can be achieved by hammering or screwing on a large piece of wood to make it fit into the frame and cover the door.

Nevertheless, if this is done, holes will be left at the door, the doorway, or the frame, but it will ultimately make the door more secure.

5. Use a Mop or Broom to Secure Bedroom Door:

The simplest but the most reliable option for locking a saloon door from the inside is to employ a long piece of wood or metal, like a broom or mop.

This is a straightforward technique; all you have to do to use it is place the hair end of the brush’s head in the door, right above the handle.

Then, lay the brush’s other side down on the ground (it is better to against a large object).

This way of keeping the handle in place, a secure locking of the door is also guaranteed, therefore the door will be latched on the inside.

This approach also spares your muscles after the feats that you already performed to put the chair against the door.

6. Use the version of the Chair Technique:

If you have any brothers or sisters who are younger than you, perhaps you will remember doing this upside-down door security method when at a very early stage of life.

 In this way of working, a chair is placed selectively at an angle to prevent the door from opening from the inside.

A chair simply won’t serve as a door lock from the inside unless the door opens inward.

This approach traditionally is from the outside rather than the inside when the door faces out.

Instead, when a lighter chair is used, the door may open up if the weight is not enough to keep it closed.

7. Install a Door Closure Device:

There is a high-quality interior door stopper which is the only measure for assurance of the door being locked when you are inside the house.

The brace is like a bulletproof shield that can’t be pierced and not even an inch will win. Barracera is a device that you need to install only one piece directly into the door’s interior floor.

Then, again another piece that slides into the place behind the doorbase is on the flooring component.

Hence, the necessary force will be derived from all directions by which the entire floor around the door that is locked will be pushed.

The only disadvantages of using door braces are their high starting cost and the fact that they can be difficult to install in a DIY manner.

8. Add heavy-weight behind a side door:

Just as I referred to earlier, in certain instances, the most straightforward methods can be the most effective.

Locking heavy items on the door itself is one of the wisest things that one could do to provide security to the door.

 The process of moving a door especially when there is force to it becomes very difficult particularly when the amount of force is big.

You must not forget that you will have to lift and remove heavy items outside or close the door every time you perform the procedure.

 So, you need to decide which heavy object to use. It could take a long time, of course, and be hard to choose. It is if you are given a chance to choose, say, a fridge or a bookshelf.

9. Purchase deadbolts:

The most effective answers are sometimes the lateral and even non-traditional ones.

This straightforward example is to install deadbolts on your doors.

 You can upgrade your front door locking system by installing a strong, high-quality one.

This is a lighter DIY job as there is absolutely no need to reset anything and move big items.

Ensure that you locate the bolts on the doors carefully before beginning the installation. In case of this failure, the lock would not close properly.

Additionally, you should also keep in mind that the bottom and top beams are not the best locations for lock installation, rather, the center is where locks are mounted.

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Tips for Door Secure the Bedroom Door:

  • To ensure that your bedroom door lock stays in the best possible condition you would need to set a routine check for the maintenance works.
  • Check the locks for signs of wear and tear, as well as breakages frequently to prevent vulnerabilities in the security system and also take immediate action to resolve any issue that arises.
  • Encourage families to understand the importance of door locks to minimize the incidence of theft by engaging them in preventive activities.
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FAQ- How to Lock and Secure My Bedroom Door from The Inside:

Q1. What preventive techniques would be applied to stop the opening of a door from the inside?

The fastest way to block a door on the outside is using the method of putting the chair under the doorknob.
We aim to teach you the play so that you can play it yourself in case you’ve probably watched a movie with people having acted in it.
This is a chair that you can sit behind the door. The chair size must be ideal to go through the doorknob, to fit.

Q2. How can be the lock less harmful?

The system includes three locking points to ensure their safety by securing them inside the door.
Therefore, they can install the multi-point locking system It is becoming one of the most secure kinds of front door locks, which is activated by a handle and key jointly.

Q3. How can socks get locked?

They point out that folding and placing the matching socks inside the drawer makes it easier to wash and that it prevents them from losing the other one.
The small hoops serve as their cords, to tie the socks together and keep them cohesive even after washing so that each can be folded with ease.


It is important to you to ensure privacy and safety by placing your bedroom door security at the top of your list.

There are many ways you can ensure your bedroom door is secure from possible threats; this can be done by investing in a good lock, adding extra protection, and ensuring the door gets proper maintenance.

This is the main reason why protecting property from forced access, burglary, glass smash-and-grab theft, rioting, and looting requires that one’s commercial entry doors be secured.

 As you may already know a burglar will take little time to enter a house of such a type with little or no security systems.

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