Can You Recycle Hangers?

Your clothes hangers won’t endure forever, they have a chance of spoiling or losing their usefulness so recycle must be something that has come up.

Although they are usually ignored, hangers may be really useful when it comes to wardrobe and clothes organization.

Hangers never go out of style, despite our best efforts to claim otherwise.

Unexpectedly, a wide range of materials can be used to make hangers, the most typical ones are still constructed from wood, wire, and plastic.

They also originate in a variety of colours and compositions, which enhance the attractiveness of your clothing.

You might be asking whether this accepted practice also applies to hangers for clothing.

You consequently wonder if you can recycle fabric hangers, perhaps you even have more queries.

We understand the perplexing queries, hence we will take the time to respond to your inquiries.

And we’ll also talk about some other related issues.

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Recyclable hangers:

Let’s come to the important question: Can hangers be recycled?

 The answers are Yes and No.

While certain hangers can be recycled, it might not be practical to do so with others.

Relax if you’re trying to think through the implications, we’ll clarify.

Hangers exist in a range of sizes, forms, and materials, as we’ve already said.

And the likelihood that your hangers will be recycled greatly depends on the above-mentioned variables.

Additionally, you must take into account the recycling centre’s rules and regulations.

This is due to the potential for many recycling facilities to refuse to accept hangers for recycling.

We’re trying to say that not all hangers can be recycled and you would need to think about that hanger before determining whether it can be recycled.

Inquire if the hanger may be recycled at the recycling centre as well.

Now that we are clear on that, let’s talk about the different sorts of hangers and if you can recycle them.

Let’s begin straight away.

Are Plastic Hangers Recyclable?

Hand them over to your dry cleaner

Hangers made of plastic come first and the reason for this is that they are well-liked.

Can you recycle plastic hangers right now?

The response is that it’s quite improbable that plastic hangers can be recycled.

We realize that given the fact that most plastic objects can be recycled, this could come as a surprise.

The same doesn’t hold for plastic hangers and determining the type of plastic it is might be very challenging.

Some are plastic, while others resemble metal.

It is now tough to recycle because it is impossible to determine what kind of polymers the various hangers.

You can make the most of your plastic hangers by reusing them.

You may always give used plastic hangers to thrift shops so they can utilize them.

So, even if you can still use plastic hangers after you’re done with them, recycling them is a big no-no.

Can You Recycle Hangers

Are Wood Hangers Recyclable?

The wood hanger is the following type of hanger.

Can you then recycle them as well?

 The solution is no, wood hangers can’t be recycled.

This occurs as a result of producers applying varnish and other types of finishing products to the wood.

Wood hangers cannot be recycled because these materials are not recyclable.

As an alternative, you might consider donating your used hangers to a good cause or consignment stores.

Can Wire Hangers be put in the Recycling Bin?

Now for the next important query: “Can you put wire hangers in the recycle bin?”

Technically, you can dispose of your wire hangers in the recycling container.

Almost anything can be placed in the recycle bin. If they can be recycled is another issue.

Although you can recycle wire hangers by placing them in a bin, most recycling businesses won’t accept them.

This is owing to the possibility that they could jam the recycling machine due to its metallic nature.

Besides, the shape and composition of wire hangers are too difficult for most recycling businesses to manage.

Therefore, even though there may have been a chance to recycle wire hangers in your recycling bin, it has become challenging due to their peculiar design.

More specifically, it might harm the machinery used for recycling.

Not that you can’t recycle wire hangers, either. Wire hangers can be recycled, despite the difficulty.

If you take them to a professional who deals with scrap metal, they still have a possibility of being recycled.

You never know if some recyclers of scrap might take them.

If not, you can always donate them to dry cleaners and thrift stores.

What Can You Make Out of Old Metal Hangers?

Let’s say you can’t recycle your wire hangers.

Your old metal hangers have been collecting dust and taking up room in your closet as a result.

You’ve been working to come up with alternatives to your outdated metal hangers, but you’re getting nowhere.

Here are a few inventive ways to use discarded metal hangers.

1. Plant Assistance:

Plant Assistance

Your old metal hangers can be used to support your flimsy, fragile plants.

Therefore, if you have a plant that is about to collapse from lack of support, your old metal hanger could preserve it.

2. To Create a Wreath:

To Create a Wreath

You could always build a wreath out of your used metal hangers if you wanted to get crafty.

Simply form the wire hanger into a circle or other desired shape, and then start to work.

3. Static Bond Breaker:

Static Bond Breaker

You may break a static bind quite well by using your old metal hangers. Simply pass the metal recycle hangers between two items of clothing that are sticking to them. You may also use it on your hair.

4. Unclog a Drain:

Unclog a Drain

Unclogging a drain is one of the many uses for old metal hangers.

Just loosen the neck and pull the hook closer together.

In this manner, you can make a thin snake that aids in clearing the drainage of mud and dirt.

5. Skimming pool dirt:

Skimming pool dirt

You can also get a lot of use out of your old metal hangers by using them to skim dirt off the pool’s surface.

Simply form the hanger into a circle, then wrap the pantyhose around it.

The same applies to other water features, such as birdbaths.

6. Stock magazines:

Stock magazines: Can You Recycle Hangers

You can use them to keep periodicals, which is one of the possibilities that could work.

Making the bottom of the hanger into a square will make this task simple. You can then have a corner where you can hang your publications.

7. Baked Marshmallows:

Baked Marshmallows: Can You Recycle Hangers

Your old metal hangers may also come in handy while camping. A campfire essential with a twisted hanger end is ideal for cooking marshmallows.

8. Hang Pictures:

Hang Pictures: Can You Recycle Hangers

Additionally, you may hang your photographs easily by using your existing metal hangers. To hang the frame more quickly and easily, mark the wall with the sharp edge of the twisted hanger.

How Should Metal Hangers Be Disposed Of?

Despite all the above-mentioned options, if you still believe that your old metal recycle hangers are no longer functional, it’s acceptable.

We’ll explain to properly get rid of your used metal hangers.

For the disposal of your metal hangers, you have several possibilities.

These choices depend on how usable or useless a certain metal hanger is.

1. Make a charitable donation:
Make a charitable donation

The metal hanger must be in good working order and be useable to be used.

All you have to do is place them in the nearby collection bin, or counter, or request that the charities pick them up.

2. Hand them over to your dry cleaner:

Hand them over to your dry cleaner

As an alternative, you may distribute them to your dry cleaner so they can use them in their regular work.

3. Bring them to the laundry room:
Bring them to the laundry room

You have the choice to take them to your neighbourhood laundry for proper washing and use if you ultimately decide to reuse them all by yourself.

4. Donate to Freecycle:
Donate to Freecycle: Can You Recycle Hangers

In addition to giving to charities, you can also give it away for nothing on Freecycle. They ensure that your deposit will be used appropriately.

5. Discard them in the garbage:

Discard them in the garbage: Can You Recycle Hangers

The condition of your old metal recycle hangers may prevent them from being reused. You can put them in the garbage can once you are certain they are worthless and that you won’t ever need them again.

What Not to Do with Old Clothes Hangers:

Now that we’ve covered a variety of uses for your old hangers, let’s explore a few things you shouldn’t do with them.

Some of these might seem apparent, but I wanted to make sure, so I wanted to go over everything.

Throwing them in the trash:

Since old hangers take a while to degrade, it is recommended to avoid doing so.

Of course, you might have to put your hangers in the trash if you have no other option.


I previously mentioned using metal hangers to toast sticks over a fire.

Burning wooden or plastic hangers is dangerous.

Burning some plastics can emit dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

It’s not a good idea to add your hangers to the fire as well as you don’t know what kind of wood they are made of.

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FAQ: Can You Recycle Hangers?

Q1. How can plastic hangers be used to create a dragonfly?

Simple translucent insect-like wings made from sheet plastic, glitter, and wire coat hangers for a fairy costume.
Gather equipment and supplies, four wire hangers should be bent into the shape of an almond.
Straighten the hook while keeping the twisted portion.
Wing attachment, shoulder straps, and layers of plastic are “welded” together.

Q2. Can you recycle metal-hooked plastic hangers?

Avoiding purchasing plastic coat hangers altogether is the wisest course of action.

Q3. Are coat hangers made of plastic or metal recyclable?

Wood, metal, or plastic are all acceptable materials for making coat or clothing hangers.
Local recycling centres have metal, plastic, and wood recycling bins if they are damaged.
Unwanted hangers can be given to aids that will reuse them or returned to big box stores that will recycle them.

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Hangers will always be relevant as long as the wardrobe layout is still a thing.

Additionally, the recycling of hangers will continue to be a viable choice in environmental management so long as hangers are relevant.

Everything you need to know about recycle hangers and other hanger-related subjects is discussed here.

We have also discussed getting rid of them when they are no longer necessary, hence it is now up to you to decide how you wish to handle your hangers.

However, we suggest you carefully consider all of your choices before choosing what will benefit the planet.

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