How To Hang a Flag on a Wall?

Do you want to hang the flag of your favourite country, pastime, or sports team on your wall?

Flags are a cost-effective method to display your passion for anything, whether you want to celebrate your heritage, your national pride, or just your preferred sports team.

It’s simple to place a flag in your man cave, and it gives the area personality and appeal.

It’s essential to know how to hang a flag on a wall because you don’t want to damage the wall.

Choose the Proper Place to Hang a Flag on a Wall:

Consider other wall decorations and banners when deciding where to display your flags in the room.

Are you looking for the flag on the wall at eye level or up high; should they be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in orientation?

If you need to hang more than one flag, you can:

  • Put all the flags together on one wall and display them there.
  • To create a border along the wall, hang them in a row adjacent to one another.
  • For variety, distribute them across the space.
  • You can separate the flags into different sections if they represent various teams or interests.
  • You could designate a wall for the flags of your baseball team and football team.

With a pencil, mark the location(s) where the flag(s) will be displayed.

Before utilizing any of the methods described below, make sure the site is appropriate because some of them may harm or chip the wall.

How To Hang a Flag on a Wall?

7 ways to Hang the Flag on the wall:

You don’t need any special tools or equipment to hang your flags using the quick and simple methods listed below.

Before hanging the flag, it is crucial to make sure the wall and flag are made of durable material.

We do not recommend you thumbtack it to a concrete wall.

1. Spring Command Clips:
Spring Command Clips How to Hang a Flag on a Wall?

Use Command Spring Clips to hang a flag on a wall for optimum results.

The spring clips make it simple to hang up your preferred flag without the need for any equipment or wall damage.

 The clips will also stick to drywall, finished wood, tile, metal, and glass, among other surfaces.

Simply attach the clips to the wall along the flag’s top, clip the flag in, and repeat.

You can hang up two flags with one box of clips because you only need 4 of the 8 included clips to hang up a flag.

2. Hammer and nails:
Hammer and nails How to Hang a Flag on a Wall?

This can be your favourite choice if you’re handy and frequently have a hammer on hand.

One little nail in each corner of a flag is needed because it’s small and lightweight.

3. Painters Tape:
Painters Tape

Adhesive tape could come to mind as the simplest and quickest way to hoist flags since they are frequently fairly lightweight.

Using tape has the drawback of likely scraping paint off the wall when you move or remove the flag.

Instead of masking or packaging tape, use painter’s tape.

A mild adhesive is added to the painter’s tape specifically to reduce the chance of damaging the wall paint.

Although it is not the strongest adhesive, a great choice if you want to hang your flag on the wall.

It is intended to be removed without removing the paint or wallpaper.

4. Poster Strips and Double-sided Tape:
Poster Strips and Double-sided Tape

The flag will be securely held up using strong adhesive strips, such as command poster strips that are designed to hang objects on walls.

You can test them in an ignored area of the wall first if you are concerned that removing them would damage the wallpaper or paint on the wall.

There have to be useful guidelines included with these sticky strips.

Generally, they do the following:

  • Since dust and grime can affect the adhesive, the wall where the strips will be applied needs to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Wipe the wall surface after dipping a cloth in some rubbing alcohol.
  • Using the adhesive, give the surface some time to dry.
  • Remove the plastic backing from the end that will be fastened to hang.
  • It should be gently pressed onto the flag’s back.
  • After removing the second liner, stick the flag to the wall.
  • For thirty seconds, push firmly yet gently to make sure it holds.
  • Each edge of the flag should have an adhesive strip attached for optimal performance.
5. Adhesive Putty:
Adhesive Putty

Tacky putty often known as adhesive putty is reusable and releasable.

This method is the best one to use if you want to reorganise your flags.

Test it first on a hidden surface before applying it if you are concerned that it might harm older painted walls.

Adhesive strips and adhesive putty both have similar uses:

  • To ensure that the putty will adhere well, clean the wall by dipping a cloth in a little amount of rubbing alcohol and wiping the wall surface.
  • Due to putting the putty on the surface, give it some time to dry.
  • Use your fingers to soften a small piece of putty.
  • Apply it firmly to one corner of the flag before repeating with the remaining putty pieces to cover all four corners.
  • To ensure the flag has a secure hang on the wall, press it against it while providing pressure to the putty.
6. Thumbtacks and Push Pins:
Thumbtacks and Push Pins

Small holes in the wall will be left by thumbtacks or pushpins, but they will be considerably less obvious than nail holes and much easier to remove.

This is an excellent alternative if your flag will be hung there permanently and you don’t mind making a few small holes in the wall.

Thumbtacks come in several colours that you may choose from to complement your flag, making them less conspicuous.

7. Pennant Display Case:
Pennant Display Case

Early baseball banners can be worth more than $1,000.

Do you possess a pennant flag that is unique, expensive, or rare that requires special maintenance or protection?

Think of placing it in a shadow box or a container that is specially made for displays.

Your flag will be safeguarded in these glass or plastic boxes against dust, sand, and prying eyes.

How to Hang an American Flag Properly on Wall?

When flying the American flag, you must follow the proper protocol.

When the American flag is hanging on a wall whether vertically or horizontally, the stars should be on the upper left side.

If the American flag is displayed in a window, the stars are seen from the outside and it should be on the uppermost left.

Be sure to double-check before hanging the national flag because some other nations have their standards for doing so.

Knowing the right protocol while handling national flags is crucial as the way you hang them.

FAQ: How to Hang a Flag on a Wall?

Q1. How can a flag be safely hung on a wall?

Look for grommets or the metal loops in the corners used to hang the flag from a pole on the side of the flag with the union.
The flag should be hung vertically from the grommets using pushpins or nails.
Avoid using nails to penetrate the flag itself, they would mistreat and harm the flag.

Q2. Can a flag be hung vertically?

Don’t fly your flag upside down, backward, or in any other unsuitable manner.
The Union portion of the flag with the stars should be on the observer’s left if it is being hung vertically (from a window or against a wall, for example).
Never wave the flag in front of anything or anyone.

Q3. How can flags be hung without tacks on a wall?

A quick and easy choice would be to use fabric adhesive or a hot glue gun to apply some Velcro to the back of your flag.
Then use anything that won’t harm the wall to adhere the opposite or receiving portion of the Velcro to it.


Show off your flags in your man cave, whether they represent your background, favourite sports teams, alma school, or hobbies!

Now you know to hang a flag on a wall, pick one of the following quick, cheap, and simple ways to decorate your room.

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