What Color Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops?

Modern color cabinets with black granite countertops serve a practical purpose and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are countless colour choices for homeowners and it is a pleasurable task for individuals seeking to design a distinctive room in their house.

For homeowners, black countertops are a striking yet useful choice because they are a neutral colour.

But when shopping for a black countertop, the most frequent question from homeowners is “What color cabinets work with my black countertop?”

As black graphite countertops are the finest because they have more performance qualities if you’re seeking a happy-go-healthy countertop.

Black counters make a striking transformation in the kitchen projecting a grand appearance.

The ideal cabinet colors for black countertops will be discussed below.

Let’s go!

Exploring Color Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops:

what color cabinets go with black granite countertops

Being a watchful client is more important than being an uninformed one.

Before choosing, consider the material lifecycle, how long it will be used and what it will be used for.

Focusing on black granite is the most beautiful material with a range of textures and is reasonably priced.

 Carbon crystals found in granite are resistant to heat and moisture.

In addition, the black colour shines against the background, so it has been a top choice for people for a long time.

To better comprehend granite countertops, let’s concentrate on their benefits and drawbacks.


  • It enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.
  • It draws attention to the black-friendly colours of the kitchen cabinetry and ups the aesthetic appeal of the space.
  • It is heat- and water-resistant.
  • Polish and brushed treatments are two of the potential finishes for the black granite countertop.
  • The polished surface accentuates anything kept on it and shines like a mirror.


  • Since it is a study tool, it must be installed in the kitchen with extreme caution.
  • If not installed properly, it could break and get damaged.
  • To keep its appearance, it requires ongoing upkeep.

7 Trendy Kitchen and Cabinet Color that fit Black Countertops:

The high-end magazines and television broadcasts portray appealing images of gleaming black surfaces.

Every time we attempt to design the ideal kitchen cabinet matching, the abundance of choices leaves us feeling frozen.

The overall decoration established must be taken into consideration when deciding on the color of the kitchen cabinets.

The following colors enhance black countertops:

1. Wood:


Wooden cabinets of any color that have been stained go incredibly well with black granite.

Here are a few concepts to spark your imagination!

  • Beautiful Wooden Artwork:

The colour palette of this traditional kitchen is used frequently in upscale kitchens around the nation.

The key to making this look rich and opulent rather than drab is to choose high-quality oak cabinetry and a decent steel range.

  • Mid-century Magnificent:

A stunning mid-century modern kitchen is made possible by black granite worktops that slide down to the floor.

This kitchen is basic yet cosy due to the addition of trendy stools and wood-panelled “hidden” cabinets.

2. Grey:


Grey is a subdued colour that provides the kitchen with an opulent appearance.

Without overpowering the space, you can use grey cabinetry to provide depth and dimension.

  • Mellow Modern:

Use grey cabinetry to give a black-and-white kitchen depth.

The tiny tiles on the black and white backsplash might take over this kitchen if there wasn’t another muted colour to balance things out.

Use grey cabinetry to give a black-and-white kitchen depth.

The tiny tiles on the black and white backsplash might take over this kitchen if there wasn’t another muted colour to balance things out.

  • Combine and Contrast:

To keep the space bright and open, place your black countertops on simple grey bottom cabinets with white glass-front uppers.

The style is timeless but contemporary and works with many different types of home design.

3.  White:


Black granite countertops paired with white cabinetry are a classic combo.

Regardless of your kitchen’s style, it makes a beautiful contrast and a bold design statement.

  • Elegant Simplicity:

For a combined illustration of minimalism, the black granite and white enamel cabinets work nicely together.

The cabinets’ elegant design and nickel trim keep everything in place.

  • Modern Tradition:

Create a striking focal point in a large kitchen by combining black granite with conventional white cabinets on a large island.

4. Brown:


Dark brown cabinets with black countertops bring us back to the neutrals.

Such a space will feel airier if brightly coloured elements are added.

For instance, carefully positioned white or light-coloured furnishings or equipment can completely change the appearance of the room.

  • Embracingly Cosy:

The cabinets in this transitional kitchen are warm, deep chocolate colour.

The masculine space has a natural feel due to a sizable stone hearth and patterned black granite.

5. Cream:


 The cream-coloured counters give your kitchen a modern appearance and warmth.

It looks fantastic with brick walls that are subdued and a rustic Italian design.

  • Espresso With Cream:

Install black countertops and antique cream cabinets, then use cream and brown backsplash to bring everything together.

As a consequence, the space seems cosy and welcoming perfect for unwinding with a cup of coffee!

6. Black:


A minimalist design works with a black-on-black colour scheme.

Another brilliant method to add mystery to your kitchen design is to use a countertop that is darker in colour but has patterning.

To lessen the impact of this black-on-black theme, homeowners can also choose lighter-coloured walls, floors, and other kitchen accessories or equipment.

  • Modern And Clean:

The white floor tiles and walls reflect the white patterning on the black granite that contrasts with the flat black cabinets.

Here, the granite’s pattern is crucial since plain black would have made the counters seemingly disappear into the countertops.

  • Opulent And Cunning:

Pair shiny black cabinets with black granite countertops to provide a startling contrast with any bold color you choose!

The walls in this room are bright pink, giving it a retro-futuristic feel.

7. Green:


Green cabinets and black worktops are a great combination for homeowners who desire an earthy, contemporary kitchen.

Although some people might find the contrast to be too strong, the green colour can give the kitchen a grounded feeling.

Black colourations, whether solid, veined, industrial, or speckled, look great with green cabinetry.

  • Good Measure:

Despite not being on our list, this hue works well with black surfaces.

Here, the bottom cabinets are painted a wonderful shade of sage green.

White uppers keep everything bright and breezy.

This style is ideal for a cottage- or country-style kitchen.

Important considerations for choosing color cabinets for black granite countertops:

When looking for cabinet colors with black countertops, there are many possibilities to consider, but making the wrong decision might damage the design of the entire room.

Homeowners must consider several aspects in order to choose the best choice including:


To create a well-lit and spacious kitchen, many homeowners must take lighting into account.

Some people are lucky enough to have lots of windows and natural light.

In well-lit settings, darker cabinets look best when coupled with black counters.

Walking movement:

Despite their aesthetic appeal, white cabinets may not be the best choice in a kitchen with many visitors.

With this colour, stains and discolouration are visible means these cabinets will require extra time to clean, maintain, and repaint.

For homeowners who like the contrast and don’t mind the periodic maintenance charges, they are still a great choice.

Kitchen layout:

You must ask yourself, “What is the aesthetic of my kitchen?

Whether your kitchen’s design is contemporary, modern, colonial, farmhouse, or everything in between, it’s important to pick colour combinations that complement it.

It becomes much simpler to select colours that enhance and improve the appearance of your home once you’ve established your aesthetic.

Here are some backsplash choices to enhance the color cabinets with black graphite countertops:

Imagine installing kitchen cabinets that complement black countertops, yet fail to give the room a grand look.

We provide backsplash, black countertops and kitchen cabinets in an attractive mix, moreover, the backsplash is very useful to avoid stains on the kitchen stove wall.

The following backsplash designs might add intrigue to your kitchen as follows:

White subway tiles:

The kitchen’s subway tiles pair with the black countertop.

It increases the glitz and strikes the ideal balance between the kitchen cabinetry.

Mosaic tile:

The market offers a wide variety of mosaic pattern designs.

When paired with wall colors and kitchen cabinet colors that complement black countertops, it has additional attractiveness.

Classic stone tile:

The classic stone tiles look great when combined with black countertops, under-mount sinks, and oak cabinets.

They derive in a wide variety that is a more practical and long-lasting choice for your kitchen.

FAQ: What Color Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops?

Q1. Which color of walls match best with black granite?

Black cabinets and black granite countertops create a stunning, bold aesthetic when combined with bright white walls.
Most granite countertop designs look great with neutral hues like cream, grey and beige.

Q2. Are black countertops stain-resistant?

The most stain-resistant counters are made of black granite-like other black surfaces can be challenging to maintain spotlessly.
Black quartz is easily stained or etched by water.
On your black quartz, certain cleaning supplies like bleach or hard water can cause smudges.

Q3. What are the current kitchen cabinet color trends?

According to 67 per cent of experts, earthy greens will be the most popular cabinet colour trend in 2022.


As you can see, your imagination is the limitation on color cabinets with black granite countertops.

No matter what colour your cabinets are painted, this style of countertop is elegant, stylish and ideal for someone who enjoys switching things up frequently!

Today’s market offers countertops in a wide range of designs and shades.

Recycled glass, soapstone, quartz, aluminium, laminate, and other types of graphite are several novel materials that are introduced every day.

 But black graphite countertops are the best because they have more performance qualities if you’re seeking a happy-go-healthy countertop.

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