How To Stop Rain from Coming through Window?

Does the monsoon season bring some worry? Is there a problem to stop rain from coming through the window? Make your fenestration systems waterproof immediately.

Finding out that water is entering your home through the doors, windows, walls or foundation is among the worst things that can happen to a homeowner.

Panic, worry, and the awareness that a pricey repair may be required can all be brought on by the unwanted water.

Don’t worry even if it’s natural to assume the worst-case scenario is happening, the answer is frequently fast and cheap.

In fact, the majority of the time a small amount of waterproofing is required to solve the issue in a few hours.

Here are some suggestions to help you fix the issue and stop rain from coming through your window in the future.

 These methods are effective and useful.

Try them out!

Why Do Windows Leak?

Many individuals are unaware that other factors besides only bad weather might contribute to window leakage.

Rainstorm-related window leaks are typically the result of improper replacement window installation or subpar building materials.

The top five causes of leaks in windows are as follows:

Broken window seal:

Window seals may deteriorate over time.

While cracked caulking and worn-out weatherstripping are the most frequent causes of this degradation, they can also result in water leaks and heat loss.

Poor Design:

There are many different kinds of window designs, such as tall windows, bay and bow windows, and speciality-shaped windows.

Adequate installation is required to guarantee that water penetration does not occur for these types of windows to operate as intended.

Poor Flashing Installation:

Your window frame’s top leaks could be the result of improperly fitted flashings.

The top of a window or door opening is connected to the exterior wall by a piece of material called flashing.

Worn-out glass seal:

Condensation between glass panes in multi-glazed and double-glazed windows is usual and is a clear indication that the seal of the glass unit has broken.

Broken seals increase the likelihood of rainwater leaks by allowing water to collect between the glass panes and form puddles at the windowsill.

6 Techniques to Stop Rain from Coming through Window:

1. Caulks:

Caulks: How To Stop Rain from Coming through Window

Window caulking is the process of creating an impermeable system by sealing the joints where the window frame meets the base wall.

Rubber, silicone latex, and silicone are frequently used materials to secure windows in houses.

Caulk compounds need at least 24 hours to set, so make sure the area is dry before you begin washing or cleaning it.

 If you want to re-caulk a leaky window, you must first remove the dried caulk material and prepare a dry, clean surface before applying the compound again.

 Schedule the caulking during a time when the weather will be dry for a few days.

2. Weatherstrips:


Caulking is pricey, but weatherstripping is just as effective.

Self-adhesive weatherstrip tapes may be quickly and easily installed at the joints of the window pane and frame to repair your draughty and leaking windows.

 These tapes can be utilized in interiors without any reluctance because they don’t detract from the window’s aesthetic appeal.

Among the materials most frequently used as weatherstrips on windows are rubber, foam, felt, and vinyl. You must pick a material that adheres nicely to the window material.

Your windows might have weather strips or weather seals installed by you.

Cut the tape to the width of your window, take off the backing, and push the tape’s sticky side straight down into the glass. It’s just that simple!

3. Frame layouts:

Frame layouts: How To Stop Rain from Coming through Window

Do you have any plans to replace those old, draughty windows that leak when it rains? then think about this.

Engineered metal and uPVC windows have unique integrations that prevent driving rain and drips from entering the home.

The window’s frame part has a raised inner track that collects and directs rainwater out of the window.

Water cannot enter the house because of where the sill is located. Additionally, the panel-minimum track’s 5-degree inclination ensures that the water that has overflowed continues to drain away.

4. Window snakes:

Window snakes

Do you want to stop rain from coming through the window quickly? Make a snake for yourself!

Draught excluders, draught stoppers, or window snakes are long, cushion-like tubes that are filled with an insulating or absorbent substance.

They can be positioned at the bottom window crack to collect any dripping water.

5. Self-stick tapes:

Self-stick tapes

This is a quick yet effective fix. Similar to duct tape, gaffer tape is a waterproof sticky tape with a cloth backing.

 In addition, all-weather flashing tape can be used in place of gaffer tape. Tapes stick strongly to a variety of surfaces and textures and are inexpensive.

You may easily and mess-free seal your leaky windows with tapes. Durastrip sells resilient flashing membranes and tapes. Additionally, hardware stores have adhesive tapes readily available.

6. Foam sealants:

Foam sealants: How To Stop Rain from Coming through Window

Similar to caulks, foam sealants are sealers that are applied with a foam gun. Small and large holes can be filled with foam, which provides superior insulation to caulks and weatherstripping.

Once the foam has fully dried, the excess should be removed with a knife or peeler.

Without the appropriate training, using a foam gun is not advised. Even if it is a tiny piece of labour, it is safer to hire a professional.

 To prevent your window frame and panels from being distorted by the expanding foam, choose a sealant with low pressure and low expansion.

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FAQ- How to Stop Rain Coming Through Window:

Q1. Is it possible to seal a window while it is raining?

The silicone sealant used by the majority of windows wraps around the frame and tightens the design.
However, silicone won’t dry if it’s raining, and the caulking around the windows also has this issue.

Q2. Is it normal for rainwater to accumulate in my sliding window tracks after heavy rain?

Yes, but there also has to be a drain port, which is likely blocked.
Long-term issues will arise from standing water in window tracks.

Q3. Is it normal for windows to leak during heavy rainfall?

A lack of overhang or incorrect angles on your window sills may actually drive water toward your window.

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Window leaks might endanger your home’s structure.

It’s imperative that you understand to stop rain from coming through the window so that you can handle the issue more easily when it arises.

But frequent inspections for damage and appropriate upkeep may help stop the window from leaking.

You can leave a message in the comment box if you have any questions!

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