How To Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Whether your home has an attic or some bedroom with slanted wall and ceilings, you will undoubtedly decorate these areas.

Decorating ideas can sometimes be challenging when you have sloping ceilings and angled walls.

An unusual layout instantly makes the space smaller, you can put away your lanky furniture.

Instead, you need to measure your furniture carefully to make sure it doesn’t hit the wall or ceiling and if your home doesn’t have flat walls, how can you incorporate art?

There are advantages to designing a bedroom with sloping walls, this architecture is bland and it provides a snug and comfortable element that can sometimes be lost in tall spaces.

The secret to decorating a room with angled walls is to use your imagination.

Most importantly, embrace a sloped roof rather than trying to ignore it or work around it.

We’ve included some concepts below that may give you some inspiration related to the wall.

These 16 decorating ideas will inspire you to transform that awkward space into a welcoming bedroom that everyone will enjoy.

I have listed simple ideas to decorate a slanted wall bedroom hence you should read the entire post.

So, let’s begin!

How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

16 Ideas and Tips to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Wall:

1. Choose a Bed with a Canopy Look:

Choose a Bed with a Canopy Look How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

If the ceiling is sloping, the space may seem understandable and seem too small, but that’s where the magic of design comes in.

 If it can fit (it’s important to measure it), the bed on the roof gives the appearance of a high room and draws room.

 Eye upwards.

This is a sweet addition to this house’s styled arrangement.

2. Create a Miniature Wall Art:

Create a Miniature Wall Art

Any small space for artwork can be difficult, but a bedroom with slanted walls is especially difficult. Instead, focus on building a small gallery wall.

The artwork at the top of Ven scotting is unfamiliar in the charming shelter. Instead of leaving this sloping wall blank, the artwork serves as a visual focal point.

3. Choose an All-white Decor:

Choose an All-white Decor

Dark-coloured furniture can easily become too much in a small room.

Make sure to choose furniture for your slanted bedroom that has a neutral colour, preferably an airy white.

The ivory bedside table instantly illuminates the area that giving the impression larger than it.

4. Use Shades Instead of Curtains:

 Use Shades Instead of Curtains How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Window treatments, especially in rooms with sloping walls are a sure way to expand a small bedroom.

The abundance of natural light will make the space bigger and it is a beautiful way to highlight your decor.

 To increase the amount of natural light in a room where the bed serves as a window seat, skip the draperies panels and blinds, and choose a straight shade like Red House.

5. Consider a Chandelier Light:

Consider a Chandelier Light

Choosing the right lighting is important for a small bedroom with sloping walls, perhaps in a converted attic.

For example, floor lamps will take up a lot of space.

It’s a good idea to choose a pendant light as it takes up little space, draws the eye upwards to give the impression of height, and doesn’t take up any valuable floor space.

6. Suspend some Indoor Plants:

Suspend some Indoor Plants How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

The structure around the sloping walls naturally leaves you very little space.

This means that there will not be much space for home furniture, such as for the indoor plants you plant in each room of the house.

While using a plant stand is not an option, you can creatively hang greenery from a sloping roof as seen in this area.

The decorating plan will create a heightened impression and a splash of colour.

7. Add Wooden Trusses:

 Add Wooden Trusses

Don’t look without wooden beams to add extra visual interest to your sloping ceiling.

They will take up no extra space that provides only the right amount of visual interest.

The matching chandelier and small wooden beams that will be noticed in this bedroom are gorgeous.

8. Ceiling Painting:

Ceiling Painting How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

As you try to figure out how to make a small room with sloping walls look bigger, your head will be scratching.

 When this happens, a painted ceiling can be useful, preferably in white which will make the room bigger.

The design decision made the space feel brighter and bigger than it.

9. Facing Shiplap:

Facing Shiplap

Shiplap is a timeless design choice for any room, but it is great with sloping walls because it still doesn’t take up floor space when adding a beautiful decorative element.

We love the wall-to-wall panelling of the street of design indulgences used in this room.

10. Add a Skylight:

 Add a Skylight How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Want to maximize the amount of daylight that enters your bedroom’s slope?

Buy a Skylight!

It sees all the light opening up the space and pulls the eye upwards and away from the narrow part, besides there is a fantastic way to see the night sky.

 The cost of the feature will increase, but the result will be worth it as shown by this dreamy bedroom.

11. Use Classified Shelves:

Use Classified Shelves

You may believe that a bedroom with a sloping ceiling cannot have bookcases.

This is untrue!

 Include custom-graded shelving as an option; This means that the shelves will follow the slope and get shorter at different heights.

12. Think Wallpaper:

Think Wallpaper

In your cramped, sloping bedroom, you may think there is no wallpaper, but you will be wrong.

It’s a great way to incorporate some vibrant colours without overwhelming the entire room, otherwise all-white, small space, and patterned wallpaper can create an anchoring effect, as seen in this design.

13. Hang Tapestry:

Hang Tapestry

Another way to draw the eye upwards in a bedroom with oblique walls is a tapestry.

By carefully evaluating, you can select that will fit your sloping wall space and instantly create a great design moment.

Wall art appears positively dreamy and creates the illusion of a high ceiling.

14. Make an Accent Wall:

Make an Accent Wall

Make the most of it by utilizing it as an accent wall!

It will also increase visual appeal, without taking up valuable square footage.

In this loft renovation with a bed and sitting area, the accent wall choice was a wood-panelled wall.

15. Keep the Ceiling Light in Color:

Keep the Ceiling Light in Color

Are you designing your sloping bedroom with white walls? Don’t forget to apply that colour to the ceiling as well.

As seen in this calm, light colour like white is a way to make small spaces feel bigger.

16. Identify the Angle Shape:

Identify the Angle Shape

After all, the secret to designing a room with angled walls is to work with specific architecture without going against it.

The stick headboards and painted trim in this room both reflect the shape of the wall and enhance the visual appeal.

DIY: How to Decorate a bedroom with Slanted Wall:

Take out your paint cans, brushes, and wall decals and start DIYing on that wall.

Slanted walls are straight-facing walls that provide a unique and wonderful canvas.

There are many more options available in terms of landscapes, photos, or objects that you can use to decorate a sloping wall.

 You can choose creative designs, one half of which will be on the oblique wall and the other half on the straight wall.

Make a Statement with Colors: As already mentioned, oblique walls offer a fantastic opportunity to add extra dimension.

Using strong, solid colours is a good way to highlight quality.

Change up the accents: This approach to decorating the slanted wall in your bedroom is probably the most successful in terms of time.

 If the wall you’re working with is your ceiling, stick posters, stickers, or LED light strips if you’re feeling particularly creative, and presto!

Your room will immediately appear brighter than it did a few moments earlier.

End up making it a Wallpaper: Wallpaper is the only full-proof, consistently effective, and efficacious way to integrate a slanted wall into your bedroom.

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FAQ- Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Wall:

Q1. How do you place furniture against a slanted wall?

Choose and position your furniture.
If there is room, leave space between the furniture and the angled wall at either end.
For instance, the end tables next to your sofa shouldn’t extend to the wall’s edge.
All walls share this characteristic, but an angled wall is especially in need.

Q2. How should a tall, slanted wall be decorated?

Suspend artwork vertically.
Vertical art is the ideal accent for tall walls.
Increase the size of the easiest way to make a tall wall feel cosier is to scale up your artwork. Use vibrant colours.
Think about installations. Play around with fabrics. Bring wood trim inside. Attempt stone; mash it up.

Q3: How should pictures be hung on slanted walls?

Attach one keyhole fastener to each corner of the image using a screw.
The fastener should have a smaller mounting screw and a larger mounting screw when you purchase it.
Using a screwdriver or a cordless drill, fix the bolts to the frame with the smaller screw.

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You can be sure that you learn to decorate a slanted wall bedroom, so you can decorate your walls.

For any homeowner, the bedroom is arguably the most important room.

This can affect you the most as this is the area in which you are most likely to spend time.

Sloping walls are regular walls with a little extra flair, they can enhance your entire space if done properly.

If you want to expand your space or give your slanted walls the attention they need, contact Interior Design and they will come up with the best ideas for you.

Hope our tips and ideas were helpful! Look no further if you want your home to be equally stunning.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please share your thoughts in the comments!

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