How To Fix a Cracked Mirror at Home?

A cracked mirror can be very annoying, if you have just broken a mirror you may throw it away or try to fix it.

It doesn’t matter if it is in the washroom, living room, or bedroom that can make your home look very dirty.

Mirrors are frequently used in homes for both their artistic quality and their ability to provide the look of extra space.

Unfortunately, a damaged mirror can reduce the appearance of the room and make it look smaller.

In this article, we’ll go over how to fix a damaged mirror as well as your alternatives if it can’t be fixed.

Let’s get started!

Instruction to Fix a Cracked Mirror:

A cracked mirror should be fixed before, you don’t have to suffer as cracked mirrors are frequently thought to bring bad luck.

If you put in a little time and effort, you can easily fix a damaged mirror. Mirrors, which are frequently made of glass, are notoriously challenging to fix.

However, you can repair a broken mirror, and with the right tools and procedures, you can make it look as good as new.

In order to fix a broken mirror, do the following:

1. Protection:

First and foremost, when dealing with glass, it is important to be safe.

Gloves and eye protection should be worn to prevent cuts and scratches.

Make sure the mirror is clean and the surface is free of debris, before you begin working on it.

2. Workplace:

When working, pick a room with good lighting and ventilation.

Make sure that no soot or dirt particles get stuck in the mirror.

Since you are also exposed to chemicals, you will need plenty of ventilation to prevent breathing fumes.

3. Tools:

Using a glass cutter, scalpel blade, super glue, and white nail paint, you can fix a cracked mirror.

To ensure that the sample piece of glass will function as a mirror for you, check the super glue and nail polish on it before you begin.

How To Fix a Cracked Mirror:

How To Fix a Cracked Mirror
View from above of broken mirror vintage wooden frame with a damaged glass surface – bad-luck concept

There are several techniques you can use to repair a broken mirror.

You must be very careful when handling and fixing mirrors since they are brittle.

Detailed instructions for mending a broken mirror.

1. Gather all the necessary equipment:

Getting all of the required tools is the first step in fixing a broken mirror.

The list of equipment needed to fix a cracked mirror is shown below.

Since the size of the crack can vary, it is best to have several different-sized pieces of mirror available.

But generally, you’ll require:

  • Glass Cutter
  • Mirror Adhesive
  • Putty Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • different sizes of real glass mirror
  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Hairdryer
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Tape measure

You have everything you need; you can start fixing your cracked mirror.

It’s preferable to purchase these items from a nearby home improvement store if you don’t already have them.

2. Remove the mirror glass from its frame:

Remove the mirror glass from its frame

Start by removing the mirror glass from its frame using a sharp screwdriver.

If the glass is sealed in place, you will need to scrape it off using a craft knife. Take care not to damage the glass.

Work on a soft surface, like a towel or sofa, and use gloves because glass is highly brittle.

But place something underneath the glass to safeguard it in case it falls before you take the glass out.

It is also advantageous to enlist the assistance of a partner for this treatment.

3. Place a piece of duct tape over the crack:

Place a piece of duct tape over the crack

Construction and repair projects frequently involve the usage of duct tape, a type of sticky tape.

Both of its sides have a sticky surface, and it is made of cotton that has been very highly loaded. With duct tape, you can patch a minor crack.

Over the opening, apply a strip of duct tape and press it firmly in place.

Up until the cracked mirror can be fixed, the duct tape will serve as a temporary fix to keep it together.

The lack of clarity of duct tape makes it visible in mirrors.

Anyhow, there is a straightforward fix that can prevent you from needing to completely replace the mirror.

4. Heat a duct tape with a hair dryer:

Heat a duct tape with a hair dryer: How To Fix a Cracked Mirror

If duct tape does not bind the mirror together, heat the adhesive using a hair dryer.

This will increase the viscosity of the glue and help hold the mirror together.

Avoid handling the adhesive with bare hands since the heat from the hair drier will cause it to heat up.

This is a great way to keep a towel or cloth in place if the hair dryer overheats the glue and leaks out.

This approach will probably not work, though, if the glue is old and not very sticky. Use the original duct tape only because of this.

5. Clean the mirror and remove any dirt:

Clean the mirror and remove any dirt: How To Fix a Cracked Mirror

After you fix the mirror, you have to clean it. To remove impurities or debris, use a soft cloth and rinse thoroughly.

Since the mirror is broken, you should be careful not to push too hard on the surface.

You don’t want to make the crack bigger.

To reach any challenging location, use a cotton swab or Q-tip. However, exercise caution while applying pressure as this could severely damage the mirror. However, if the fracture is little, there is no need for concern.

6. Apply glue layer on the crack:

Apply glue layer on the crack: How To Fix a Cracked Mirror

Now it’s time to put a sticky coating on the crack. You can use adhesives like epoxy, super glue, or another kind.

Just make sure it’s safe for glass.

If the fracture is significant, more than one glue may be required.

However, if the fracture is minor, one layer should suffice. Because mirrors are sensitive, you need to be careful when applying pressure.

Before moving on to the following step, let the adhesive cure.

7. Place the Mirror onto the glue:

Place the Mirror onto the glue

Once the glue is dry, put a mirror on it. Keep in mind that the crack’s downward-facing side.

Because mirrors are fragile, you need to be careful when applying pressure.

It is crucial to make sure the mirror is flat.

Once the mirror has dried, it can be held in place with clamps. Just be careful not to overtighten the clamps as this could result in the mirror breaking even more.

An optical illusion can be produced, if the mirror is not flat. This is usually just a problem to fix with large cracked mirror.

8. Allow the epoxy resin to dry completely:

Allow the epoxy resin to dry completely

You will need to wait until the glue has fully healed before placing a mirror on it.

Generally, this takes a few hours.

Since the glue takes time to dry, it is important not to use a mirror during this period.

The glue must also not be touched as this could reduce its effectiveness.

However, once the glue is cured, the mirror will be securely attached.

Determining that the adhesive is dry before moving on to the next stage is crucial because of this.

9. If necessary, apply a second layer of adhesive:

If necessary, apply a second layer of adhesive

If the fracture remains clear after the first coat of glue has dried, a second layer may be applied.

Before applying the second coat, it is crucial to make sure the first coat is entirely dried.

The bottom layer will be less effective if this is not done.

Before applying the second coat, it is crucial to make sure the first coat is entirely dried.

If the second layer does not solve the problem, you will need to fix the mirror.

Is it possible to maintain a cracked mirror?

If not handled carefully, a mirror, which is an extremely delicate object, can break. You may avoid your mirror shattering by doing a few simple steps.

The use of caution when handling mirrors is one option you have.

Make sure the mirror is light and don’t throw it away if you’re planning to transfer it.

Another thing you can do is protect the mirror from heat sources. The mirror could crack if it gets too heated.

If you notice a mirror cracking, stop using it and get a new one. Using a cracked mirror can cause mishaps.

Overall, if you take primary care, you can prevent the mirror from breaking. Handle the mirror carefully and keep away from hot sources.

Do not use it if the mirror is found to be broken.

Is it bad luck to have a broken mirror?

The superstition that a broken mirror causes seven years of misfortune returned to the Romans.

According to mythology, every time you broke the mirror, you expected a new soul to regenerate, which would take 7 years.

Mirrors were considered to be supernatural inventions, and destroying them would infuriate the gods, causing a catastrophe.

Despite saying that, there is no actual evidence that cracking a mirror would bring you bad luck.

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FAQ- 9 Easy Steps to Fix a Cracked Mirror:

Q1. What to do if the mirror is broken but the glass is still there?

Glass can be cracked at times but it remains the same. In this situation, an epoxy or clear adhesive will be needed.

After that, rub the mirror’s back with your hands.

After that, put something heavy on it and let it dry completely.

Q2. How much does it cost to repair a cracked mirror?

You can fix small cracks yourself if there aren’t many.

If the break is big, the whole mirror may need to be replaced. Prices range from $ 95 to $ 200.

Q3. Can toothpaste be used to repair a broken mirror?

A broken mirror can be temporarily fixed with toothpaste.

Clean the area around the fracture to start.

After that, wash it with a clean cloth.

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Since you already to fix a cracked mirror, you can take care of any future damage, it only takes a few simple tools to complete this basic technique.

Keep these guidelines available if you need to fix something than change it!

Your mirror will be clean and new if you take a little extra care and consideration.

It could be necessary to replace it if the damage is too severe.

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