How To Stop Dust from Coming Through the Windows?

Have you ever considered a way to stop dust from entering your home through the windows?  

We discuss some facts about dust pollution in this article with several easy methods for reducing it.

Dusting is never pleasant.

Aside from the fact that it can invade any space and transform every surface into a playground, breathing it in might cause allergies to flare up.

You could be thinking, “But where does it all originate from?”

The basic solution is that the majority of the dust enters your house through the windows.

The ideal strategy to prevent dust from accumulating in the first place rather than trying to dust your house every day.

When you can dust-proof your home now and profit afterward, why spend hours cleaning the dust after it has settled?


If you want to live a dust-free life and stop dust from entering your home through the windows, keep reading.

How to Keep Your Windows Dust-Free?

How To Stop Dust from Coming Through the Windows

Given the situation, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “The Best Protection Is Prevention” a lot lately.

Dust can be treated using the same fundamental idea.

You may prevent dust from entering your home through the windows by using the following advice:

1. Keep the Windows Shut:

Keep the Windows Shut

Keeping the windows closed is the greatest approach to stop dust from entering in the first place.

The problem with dust will be exacerbated if any of the windows are located near a busy street.

Traffic causes the dust to become airborne, making it simple for it to enter your home.

The best approach would be to open the windows that face populated streets only at night or when traffic is light.

Compared to opening the windows during rush hour, this reduces the amount of dust that enters your home.

2. Regularly wipe your windows:

Regularly wipe your windows

Dust will still accumulate on your windows no matter where you live, whether it is in a busy neighborhood or not.

They could accumulate a millimetre-thick layer of dust in just one day! Even if you shouldn’t worry too much about it, you should make it a routine to clean the windows.

3. Clear the dust from the window sill:

Clear the dust from the window sill

It is imperative to keep the glass of the windows clean, but window sills should also be kept clean.

Some of the dust will settle onto the window sills after you’ve cleaned the glass panels.

The dust will rise and spread across the entire space once you move the curtains.

By washing the window sills each time, you can stop dust from entering your home through the windows and keep it under control.

4. Fix a window-mounted dust screen:

Fix a window-mounted dust screen

By fastening it to the window frame, you can install a protective film called a dust screen on your window.

A window facing a busy street can be quite beneficial because it will lessen the amount of dust that may attempt to enter.

You can keep the window open without being concerned that the space would resemble a disorganized, dusty ancient cave by placing a dust screen.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a dust screen will slightly impede airflow due to its density.

The fine dust and pollen would not be filtered out otherwise,that is just how the window screen functions.

5. Close the drapes and keep them tidy:

Close the drapes and keep them tidy

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, curtains also help to keep your space dust-free.

When a windows is opened, the curtain serves as a filter, allowing clean air to stop inside while capturing larger dust particles.

Every time a window is opened, the curtains should be drawn. You should also wash them every other week.

You might be able to get away with doing it every three to four weeks depending on your neighborhood, but that is typically not the case in large cities.

The best method for cleaning curtains would be to steam them. Any dust and bacteria will be eliminated by the steamer, making them sterile.

6. Clean the Blinds:

Clean the Blinds

No matter if they are interior or exterior, if your windows have blinds, you shouldn’t disregard them.

Use a cleaning instrument made for the task because interior blinds are quite simple to dust off.

Interior blinds should ideally be cleaned once a week or twice per month.

Even though cleaning outside blinds could take a little more work, you should still do it. Every four weeks, clean them with a cloth and your chosen all-purpose cleaner.

7. Get a purifier for the air:

Get a purifier for the air

Overall, using an air purifier is the greatest approach to maintaining cleanliness in any environment.

Since it will filter the air molecules and enhance air quality, this gadget might do wonders for those who suffer from allergies.

 It can get rid of mold, animal hair, pollen, and dust with just one button press.

More Tips for Reducing Dust:

There’s more, hold on!

 You now understand how to maintain the air clean and stop dust from entering the room through the windows.

However, you should surely be aware of the other dust transporters and gatherers in your house if you truly want to lead a dust-free life.

Some of them are really right now right under your nose!

Consider taking off some of the carpeting:

Despite how great carpets might be, especially during the winter, they attract a lot of dust.

Even after a thorough vacuuming, the dust will still lodge in the fibres.

These carpets will eventually evolve into enormous, dreary clouds that are filled with bacteria, dust, and other contaminants.

Alter your bedding frequently:

It is best to change the bedding once every week.

You might be surprised at how much dust can gather on your bed each week.  

And you sleep in it, which is the worst part!

Utilize a HEPA-filtering vacuum cleaner:

Some of the dust can be kept from returning to the air by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Use the doormat instead of keeping it as decor:

Wipe your feet on the doormat each time you enter your house to further limit the quantity of dust you bring in.

Place a second rug near the front door of your house so that visitors may put their muddy boots there.

Regular maintenance is essential:

Although dust can be a serious issue, knowing how to avoid it puts you one step ahead of the game.

Along with all the measures you’ll take to dust-proof your house, you should also make sure to clean frequently.

Dust vs Fresh Air:

Ventilation in your home will be substantially improved by opening the windows.

Every day, ideally before the start of heavy traffic, you should open them.

Keep them open for 10 to 15 minutes; that ought to be sufficient to allow some fresh air into your house.

The alternative would be to keep the windows open at night while you sleep.

Installing a dust screen would allow you to leave the windows open longer, even during rush hour.

The screen will somewhat alter the airflow, but it will prevent dust from entering your house by keeping it outside.

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FAQ- How to Stop Dust from Coming Through the Windows?

Q1. Does using window screens reduce dust?

Window screens let in fresh air while preventing a lot of dust, debris, and allergies from entering the house.
When leaving windows open for a lengthy period of time, install window screens.
To preserve the purity of the air within the house, you can fix or replace the screens as necessary.

Q2. Where does the dust come from when a house is empty?

Although it may be pretty much anything that could dry out and flake off, it is frequently dirt, skin cells, or fabric fibres.
Pets, fireplaces, upholstered furniture, books, carpets, and rugs all add to the dust load.
Sand, dirt, pollen, smoke, exhaust, and many more things can bring in outside dust.

Q3. What produces an excess of dust in a home?

Airflow causes dust to accumulate in your home because there is too much dusty, polluted air floating around or because there is not enough airflow, which permits the dust to settle.

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If you can figure out to stop dust from entering your home through the windows, your quality of life will significantly increase.

You will immediately notice a difference whether you choose a standard dust screen or a cutting-edge air purifier.

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