Kitchen Curtain Ideas Above Sink!

Hanging kitchen curtain ideas above the sink is an easy way to update your kitchen.

Depending on the materials and qualities, they can offer something more style and privacy.

 If you want your kitchen curtains to stand out and catch the eye, choose vibrant colours, or you still have trouble with the ideal design, we have some suggestions for you.

The selection of the ideal kitchen curtains is challenging due to the abundance of opportunities.

How then can you pick the option that best suits your requirements and level of comfort?

You should read the whole article because we have mentioned the 9 best modern kitchen curtain ideas above the sink in this article.

To make it simple for you to install in your kitchen, I’ve also included a step-by-step tutorial.

So, Let’s begin!

Follow these Steps before Installing Kitchen Curtain above the Sink:

Kitchen curtains are a necessary item, whether you want to add a touch of style or merely need something to block the sunlight.

However, there are a few things you should think about before putting them in your kitchen.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas Above Sink

Style & Design:

Consider the style and design of your kitchen curtains before purchasing them.

For instance, you ought to look for doors that complement a more contemporary kitchen.

Contrarily, if your kitchen is more traditional in style, you should buy curtains specially made for it.


Not all kitchen curtains are made equally.

Others are built with a specific purpose in mind, while some are only intended to serve as decorations.

If you want to block the sunlight, make sure to purchase curtains with a liner and enough thickness.


Check the size of your kitchen window before you head to the store.

You must ensure that the curtains you purchase are the appropriate size for your window because curtain sizes are not uniform.


The curtains in your kitchen should match the room’s overall colour scheme.

If your kitchen is mostly neutral, using your curtains you can give the space personality.

9 Kitchen Curtain Ideas Over Sink:

The curtains are the most important elements in any kitchen, they can make or break the appearance of your kitchen.

Here are examples of kitchen curtains as follows.

1. Cordless Magnetic Window Curtain over the Sink:

Cordless Magnetic Window Curtain over the Sink

These shades are made of 100% polyester fabric that was imported from another country.

The light-filtering fabrics provide privacy while some light is still let through because they are cordless and simple to elevate.

They are a wise, secure, and useful choice (including valance) and are available in various widths: 23”, 27”, 31”, 33”, 35”, 36”, 39”, and 48″W x 64″H.

There is a half-inch deduction from the width (industry standard).

These drapes can be used in a variety of spaces including kitchens, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.

Because they are intended to create beauty, privacy, and shade.

They have magnets at predetermined intervals that make them easy to use them.


  • It has light filtering in 6 different colours.
  • You’ll get a powerful magnet that keeps things from tangling and saves time.
  • Your peace of mind is provided by its clever cordless design.


  • You might experience some issues with the curtain’s quality.

2. Golden Swag Waterfall Elegant Kitchen Valance:

Golden Swag Waterfall Elegant Kitchen Valance

Valances are a great way to add a touch of luxury to curtains that is an essential component of any room’s decor.

Golden jacquard fabric is both opulent and plush to the touch and was used to make this valance.

It is 59 inches wide and has an easy-to-install 3-inch pocket.

Inches separate the swag adjacent to the top of the valance from the inches that make up the cascade at the bottom.

To determine whether this valance will fit your window, just measure the width of your pole from bracket to bracket.

This valance is a great way to add some glitz to any space thanks to its plush fabric and reasonable price.

You can choose the valance based on your preferences.

 It is easy to maintain because it is required to get rid of shipping creases in low-heat iron.


  • There are numerous sizes and colours available.
  • Your kitchen will look more lavish and it will be of higher quality.
  • Your kitchen will have a traditional appearance.


  • When seen nearly, colours might not appear the same.

3. Dark Roman Kitchen Ideas Above Sink:

Dark Roman Kitchen Ideas Above Sink

Using imported polyester fabric, this kitchen curtain was created.

Since it is sheer, light can pass through while maintaining privacy.

With this curtain, you can enjoy the wind and natural sunlight.

It is a great possibility for windows, doors, French doors, sliding doors, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

The roman shade width must be 0.4 inches smaller than the inside width of your window to mount this curtain inside the window frame.

 Additionally, for the curtain to be mounted properly, the window depth must be at least 2 inches.

The roman shade should be 3 to 10 inches wider and longer than your window if you plan to mount your kitchen curtain outside.

This will make it simpler to cover the window more effectively.


  • It comes in hundreds of sizes and three primary colours.
  • They have included instructions and are very simple to install.
  • Either inside or outside of your kitchen, you can install it.


  • Its fabric appears a little bit thinner than it is shown.

4. Linen Printed Kitchen Drapes with Medallion Damask:

Linen Printed Kitchen Drapes with Medallion Damask

Those looking for stylish and practical window treatment should consider these damask-printed light filtering curtains.

Curtains are a necessary component of any home, the beautiful coloured damask is printed on these drapes.

The curtains are made of a lightweight material that blocks up to 50% of sunlight, making them ideal for use in any room.

You can choose the ideal look for your home from the six different colours that the curtains are offered in.

You might encounter some difficulties if your goal is to have the same size.

These curtains are a great opportunity whether you’re looking for a way to lessen glare in your living room or want to make your bedroom more comfortable.


  • There are six different sizes and colour choices for it.
  • It has sturdy materials that guarantee your kitchen privacy.
  • The floral pattern enhances the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.


  • If you want to be the same size as the current one, you might run into some issues.

5. Kitchen Window Curtain in Kingsville Plaid Gingham:

Kitchen Window Curtain in Kingsville Plaid Gingham

The Home Maison Kingsville plaid gingham patterned kitchen 3-piece window curtain tier & valance is stylish and functional.

 Two red gingham-patterned 29 x 36-inch curtains and a 58 x 15-inch valance make up the set.

The curtains are machine washable that are made entirely of polyester for simple maintenance.

Additionally, the valance is made entirely of polyester that has a rod pocket for simple hanging.

The set is ideal for giving your kitchen some style while still enabling you to keep the room light and airy.

Many different kinds of houses can use these kitchen curtain ideas above the sink.

They are suitable for use in all types of homes including contemporary, traditional, old-fashioned, and trendy.

Any room will look good with them.


  • It may be hung on the window as a separate object.
  • It won’t shrink or lose colour when washed in a machine.


  • The wall is not particularly thick to maintain your privacy in the kitchen.

6. White Kitchen Window with Beige Curtain:

White Kitchen Window with Beige Curtain

White cabinets flank a white window with a beige kitchen curtain above the sink.

Using white subway tile, the backsplash is constructed.

A white apron sink with a beige skirt and stained wood pilasters is mounted with a black sink faucet.

Kitchen curtains come in panels measuring W30 x L24 and pairs measuring W60 x L24.

This sheer has a 2″ rod pocket that slides over most curtain rods that can be fastened.

Kitchen curtain with widened for a good drape.

Bathroom curtains that are timeless and lovely are ideal for decorating your kitchen, laundry room, studio, farmhouse, or any other room because this curtain goes with the majority of European, French, and country styles.


  • The soft, lightweight polyester fabric used to make this kitchen curtain feels comfortable against the skin and is durable.
  • You can enjoy the light without it being harsh or too dark.
  • When the sun shines through the house through this semi-transparent curtain.


  • It’s not very thick, making it difficult to maintain your kitchen privacy.

7.  White Kitchen Curtains with Flowers:

White Kitchen Curtains with Flowers

White cafe curtains with light blue and cream flowers are draped across the white kitchen window above the sink.

The white and grey marble countertop has a nickel pull-down faucet built into it and tends to lean over a white apron sink with a white subway tile backsplash.

Sizes are W26xL24, W52xL24 panel, and embroidered tier sheer curtains.

Your room will feel sufficiently romantic with sheer curtains decorated with embroidered flowers.

Sunlight can enhance the design because of semi-transparent curtain sheers.


  • Tumble drying and cold-water machine washing are both available.
  • Opaque to let the sun in and maintain a respectable level of privacy.
  • Avoid ironing.


  • If you want to be the same size, you might run into some issues.

8. Gray Gingham Kitchen Window Curtain:

Gray Gingham Kitchen Window Curtain

White blinds and grey gingham curtains are draped over a white window above a kitchen sink with a chrome faucet.

We want the kitchen to be a place we enjoy because of the amount of time we spend there.

This set of kitchen curtain ideas over the sink is ideal if you want your kitchen to feel cosy.

It is produced entirely from polyester.

Nothing grabs your attention more than a great, high-quality fabric because it establishes the mood for the space.

They are 58″ (W) x 24″ (L) in size, these curtains are a great choice for windows of all sizes.


  • Simple to maintain and resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkles.
  • Warm water and a gentle cycle are both machines washable.
  • Kitchen curtains require little maintenance.


  • Colours may not appear identical.

9. Cream Cafe Curtains with Pumpkin Print:

Cream Cafe Curtains with Pumpkin Print

 Under the window, a white apron sink matches the white countertop’s white and nickel faucet.

The curtain is made of machine-washable, soft to the touch and 100% waterproof polyester fabric.

Digital printing with high definition and no fading, colours that are vivid and bright will give you a realistic 3D visual effect.


  • Simple to maintain and resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkles.
  • Warm water and a gentle cycle are both machines washable.
  • Kitchen curtains require little maintenance.


  • Colours may not appear identical.

How to Install a Kitchen Curtain Above a Sink in 4 Easy Steps!

When designing our kitchens, kitchen curtain ideas above the sink are frequently the last thing in our minds, however, they have the power to make or break the room’s aesthetic.

 Kitchen curtain installation is not as tricky, as there are a few steps to the process that is quick and easy as follows:

1. Decide on the type of curtains you want:

Kitchen curtains come in a variety of patterns, colours, and materials.

The overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your kitchen should be your top priority when selecting a kitchen curtain.

Do you want to appear sleek and modern or a cosier, more traditional ambience?

You can limit your selections to find the ideal kitchen curtain once you’ve decided on the overall style.

2. Select the Proper Curtain Size:

The size of kitchen windows varies, so before buying a kitchen curtain make sure to measure your window.

Simply measure the window’s width and height.

For the curtain rod, then add 2 to 3 inches on each side.

You can begin looking for the ideal-sized kitchen curtain once you are aware of the measurements.

3. Setup the Curtain Rod:

It might seem difficult to install a curtain rod, however, it’s quite easy.

Utilizing a stud finder, start by locating the studs in your wall.

The curtain rod fixtures should be drilled into the studs.

Slide the curtain rods into the brackets to install them.

Before putting the screws, make sure the curtain rod is straight because it will be challenging to move the curtain rod once the screws are tightened.

4. Hang the curtain:

Once the curtain rod is in place, it’s time to hang the kitchen curtain.

Start by securing the curtain’s one end to the rod.

Then, draw the curtain downward while maintaining an even tension on both sides.

You can always hem the kitchen curtain if it is too long to get the right length.

Finish off your window treatment after the kitchen curtain is installed.

Your kitchen curtain would look great with some curtain tiebacks or holdbacks.

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FAQ- Kitchen Curtain Ideas Above Sink:

Q1. What Is the Price of a Kitchen Curtain?

The price of a kitchen curtain ranges from $8 to $200.
The size, composition, and design of the curtain will all affect the cost.
 Spending more is preferable if you want a high-quality kitchen curtain.

Q2. Is It Essential to Install a Kitchen Curtain?

No, a kitchen curtain is not required.
It can give your kitchen more flair, character, and privacy.
Additionally, it can shield your kitchen from dirt and dust.

Q3. What Kinds of Kitchen Curtains Are Available?

Valances, tiers, swags, and café curtains are among the various styles of kitchen curtains.
Tier curtains would be the best choice for the kitchen area above the sink because they provide greater privacy and are simple to install.

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Consider installing kitchen curtains above your sink if you are looking for a way to give your kitchen a little more style.

Kitchen curtain ideas that hang over the sink are becoming more and more common because they combine fashion and utility.

While you’re doing the dishes or working in the kitchen, they can help in keeping the sun out of your eyes to offer privacy.

I have therefore provided the top 9 traditional and modern curtain ideas above the sink.

There is undoubtedly a sink-based kitchen curtain that is ideal for your home, whether you are searching for something traditional or modern curtains.

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