Where To Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment?

One-bedroom apartment living derives with many storage-related challenges like a store extra mattress.

Although it may seem challenging to store such a large item in a small area, there are many efficient ways.

A one-bedroom apartment doesn’t have many places to put an extra mattress for guests.

If you regularly host friends or family, you may not want to get rid of your spare mattress to make room.

As a result, you may need to come up with some creative ways to store your extra mattress in a small area.

Listed below are the best places in a one-bedroom apartment to store an extra mattress.

 In a one-bedroom apartment or other compact space with little storage, try one of these 8 suggestions for where to put an extra mattress.

7 Ideas to Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment:

1. Place the mattress in a trundle bed or under the bed:

Place the mattress in a trundle bed or under the bed

One of your primary options when dealing with little storage space, like a one-bedroom apartment, is to store your extra mattress under the bed or in a daybed trundle.

Let’s examine each choice in detail below.

Mattress storage under the bed:

If space permits, you can place a backup mattress under your existing bed frame. You can slide your mattress under your bed for storage after covering it with a storage cover. With its eight handles and waterproof cover, this mattress bag makes moving it around a breeze.

Keep your mattress accessible and out of the way with this simple storage trick.

Storing a mattress in a trundle bed

Another easy storage solution is to use a trundle bed. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one or DIY one to fit under your existing bed frame.

2. Make furniture out of your mattress:

Make furniture out of your mattress: Where To Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment

Another storage trick is to use your spare mattress as furniture. By doing this, you can easily access your mattress and avoid taking up extra space by replacing an essential piece of furniture for your mattress.

Using this storage solution, you can save space in your one-bedroom apartment and turn your mattress into a practical piece of furniture.

3. Use your mattress as decorative furniture:

Use your mattress as decorative furniture

Another great storage tip for a one-bedroom apartment is to disguise your mattress as a decorative item. A headboard is one of the easiest decorations you can do with your mattress.

For example, by building your mattress with just a few pieces of wood, you can solve your storage problem and create a useful and comfortable headboard.

4. Use a Murphy bed:

Use a Murphy bed: Where To Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment

Murphy beds are designed to be stored vertically in a closet or closet. If you’re trying to squeeze more storage into your one-bedroom apartment, this is a great option. These beds are useful and give you more storage space.

If you think this approach will work for you and your flat, make sure there is enough vertical and horizontal wall space.

They frequently need eight feet of vertical space and six to seven feet of horizontal space.

Murphy beds are ideal short-term solutions for a one-bedroom apartment with guests, a home office in the bedroom, or even a studio apartment.

5. Create a loft:

Create a loft: Where To Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment

To store your extra mattress without taking up valuable floor space in your one-bedroom apartment, build a loft. For those who are interested, this is an excellent alternative, but it can be costly and time-consuming.

6. Place your mattress above or below your desk:

Place your mattress above or below your desk

Another clever storage solution is to place a mattress above or below your desk or workstation.

Mattress storage above your work area.

If you decide to place your mattress above your workspace, you’ll likely choose a loft bed. Making the most of a tiny area is simple with this storage strategy. This multi-purpose area does not require any additional floor space.

Mattress storage under your work area.

If you want to place your mattress under your office or desk, you can choose a desk bed.

It has a hinge mechanism that enables you to lower the bed from a vertical position, desk beds and Murphy beds have similar qualities. This versatile piece of furniture, which serves as both a desk and a bed, makes it easy to store extra mattresses.

7. Place your mattress in your dining room or living room:

Place your mattress in your dining room or living room

Another method of keeping them is to include an extra mattress in your apartment’s living or dining area.

A useful and practical option is to incorporate your extra mattress into your living room space. Any living room needs a sofa element, so nothing will look out of place with this idea.

You can use your extra mattress in your dining area, just like you would in your living room, as a bench. Put cushions on either side of your dining room table to achieve this.

You can transform an unused space into a comfortable and useful room and store your extra mattress by incorporating it into your dining area.

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FAQ: Where to Store Extra Mattress in One Bedroom Apartment?

Q1. Where should I keep my old mattress?

To preserve the scent of your mattress and the quality of the comfort fillings, ensure the storage area is sufficiently aired or climate regulated.
Your mattress should fit flat on the floor of the room, which should be tidy and hygienic.

Q2. How do you keep multiple mattresses stored?

The suggested method for long-term storage of mattresses is to stack them on top of one another.
Make sure your storage unit’s floor is spotless. After that, spread some plastic out to shield your mattress.

Q3. Will a mattress deteriorate in storage?

Your mattress can be ruined by improper storage.
The best way to store a mattress is flat and level because keeping it on its side or bent will eventually harm its interior structure.

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There are several ways you can overcome the problem of having little storage space in a one-bedroom apartment or another compact area.

Your extra mattress can be stored in the trundle bed or under the bed. Alternatively, you can place a mattress above or below where you work.

Suppose you can build a scaffolding. Among other things, you can store your mattress in extra space.

Otherwise, incorporating your mattress into your living or dining space seems like a good idea.

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